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17-21 April 2018 – Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb
Norman Robbins – A Comedy Thriller

Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb follows Tomb With A View and Tiptoe Through the Tombstones to complete the trilogy of plays from Norman Robbins about the family that play together and slay together: the murderous Tombs.

As night falls and fog descends on Monument House Hotel and Alternative Health Spa, Hecuba Tomb and her niece Drusilla receive a series of unexpected visitors. Novelist Philippa and her assistant Daphne are seeking refuge from a mysterious follower they fear may be the notorious “Norfolk Strangler.” Hot on their heels come TV historian Quentin Danesworth and vacuous honey-mooners Robert and Miranda.  The uninvited guests are soon snooping around the secret passages of the creepy old mansion and asking too many questions for comfort.  Sure enough, one by one they fall victim to violent deaths by devious techniques — no secret panel is unoccupied, no cup of tea untouched, and nobody is who they appear to be.  This irresistible combination of spoof and baffling murder mystery, over-the-top characters and shocking plot twists will thrill and delight in equal measure.

This is the sort of thing that Norman Robbins does best: eccentric characters; secret panels; plot twists that are every bit as shocking, and frequent, as the violent deaths suffered by the cast list; and a gloriously funny sense of the macabre throughout” – Amateur Stage September 2010

Hecuba Tomb

 Beverley Sell
Drusilla Tomb  Jillian Wildgoose
Sir Beverley Comstock  David Hughes
Daphne Summers  Kay Baker
Philippa Collins  Kristy Hepworth
Miranda Torrence  Maria Barnett
Robert Sandbrooke  Chris Magdziarz
Anthony Strickland  Georgie Burton
Quentin Danesworth  Tim Hughes
Cicely Venner

 Mandy Boterhoek


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Doors will be open half an hour before curtain-up
Numbered seats reserved at time of booking
Shows are performed at the Hamble Village Memorial Hall in Hamble.
4 High Street, SO31 4JE.
Tickets will be on-sale from: Box Office – 02380 440660
Ticket Source Website / Ticket Source by telephone 0333 666 3366
(normal charges apply same as 01 / 02 or in your included minutes). For telephone bookings there is an additional £1.50 charge which includes postage of tickets.
Tickets also available at Hamble Village Market (HVMH) every Friday 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

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